05.2018 Xentry XDOS Widows 7 Install Review + Tips

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05.2018 Xentry XDOS real experience from Msmax off https://mhhauto.com/Thread-My-experience-with-XDOS-05-2018-installation: (big thanks for sharing)

Hi Guys,

Just like to share my experience of my latest Xentry XDOS installation… may be some thing usefull for others here in my story.

First of all.. I like this forum a lot (https://mhhauto.com/) and I am very grateful to the few persons here who make life easier for us in this big diagnostics world by sharing their solutions and installation discs etc. It is a hell of a job if one have to find all patching and fixing methods from scratch for every new release. While all information is available I still spend around 2 weeks by reading and collecting all the required info and files before I could start installation. So, thank you guys.

After being out of the scene for few years due to private circumstances I decided to upgrade my Xentry installation which is dated 032013. As always I found a lot of information on the forum including all required patches and fixes. Installation has become far more easier now then the days where we had to have different partitions in dedicated sizes etc.

My installation was:
– Install Windows 7
– Windows Update to SP1 (2x to get to final SP1 update)
– Install all required drivers, so device manager is without any missing drivers
– Install Virtual Clone Drive
– Load 052018 XDOS image and start installation.

Note: If the OS is not upgraded to SP1 then ASAM3D errors will pop up if you run Xentry. Reason is that 2015 & 2017 VC++ Redist packages will not install correctly without showing an error if it is automatically installed by the setup of XDOS. To see the error code one can start manual installation of these packages. It will not complete succesfully and exit installation with an error code. The older versions do have this problem.

After installation finished, I applied the next patches before running ConfigAssist:
– Missing pic Fix
– Blacklist Fix
– DAS 0Day Fix
– OldKey patch (as I do not have a new keygen to generate new keys)
– 2221-45 Fix
– 3.91 Fix
– Erased Startkey after Internet connection Fix. Used the modified appserv.ini file as renaming and making read only of the lic file did not work for me.

Then I started ConfigAssist, used Xentry Developer Keygen to generate a key.
Entered the key, configured the SDConnect via LAN.
Tested with simulation and all seemed fine.
Connected to a W204 and successfully could read all modules.

As a small tip:
First installation was on a Dell D620 with Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet chip. My SDConnect did connect/disconnect randomly and I could not find the reason for this problem. If I connected the SDConnect to a network switch and the laptop also (without changing any settings in the network card or SDconnect) then the problem was solved and I had a steady connection. But is just too bulky to walk around the workshop with a router connected between your laptop and SDConnect…

I decided to install all again on a Dell E4310 with Intel 82577LM Gigabit chip.
This works flawlessly and I have a steady connection.

As soon I have some time I will test again with the Dell D620 with only Windows installation, just to make sure it is not the XDOS installation which messes up things.

Hopefully there is some information here for one who likes to make a new installation.. and may be more experienced users can add more info so I can learn better tips & tricks.

Ps. If you are not good XDOS installation, spend a bit with a HDD or SSD with XDOS Diagnostics. Plug and play. Insert the disk into the laptop and everything works. My friend is a newbie to XDOS and has good experience with his XDOS SSD. The SSD runs much faster than my HDD.