09.2017 DAS bin file download free for SDconnect C4

car diagnostic tool

This is a working bin folder from DAS/Xentry 2017.9 Mega link:


It’s used when you can’t diagnose via DAS/Xentry:

Xentry – nothing happens, DAS show error: 1.2 2.503.13011

SDConnect C4 connection via LAN or WiFi …both ok

MUX react properly but DAS/Xentry nothing happens if diagnosis


So, if xentry is ok, maybe DAS bin folder error. you can change it with a new one, but it must be same version.

Then you will have Xentry/DAS, works like a charm

20173-ssd-mb-sd-c4-software-dell-d630-format-1 20173-ssd-mb-sd-c4-software-dell-d630-format-2 20173-ssd-mb-sd-c4-software-dell-d630-format-3 20173-ssd-mb-sd-c4-software-dell-d630-format-4

09.2017 DAS/Xentry with bin file works no issues: