2016 Opcom working?

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Free download Opcom 2016 software and tested if it’s working or not.

Link 1: opcom 2016 version


Opcom 1.64 and it work just with real pic18f458 OP COM
do not tested with fake pic18f458 (pcb V6.0)

this is device with high quality


Link 2: VAUX-COM_120309a+160115a for Opcom China CLONE


pass:  !UE6CBLMZVuilPsrfZJvFsg

Modified china soft witch demand activation to an working one. Test on your responsibility.Work on china clone firmware 1.59, 1.64

It is mixed databases that work with ordinary opcom china clone firmware 1.59 and don’t request activation. If you have a newer opel car than 2014 give a try and report (automatic vehicle scan , engine scan, body scan etc)

Opcom 2016 interface:

opcom-2016-download-1 opcom-2016-download-2 opcom-2016-download-3 opcom-2016-download-4 opcom-2016-download-5

About Opcom 2016:

This is a mixed vaux-com 120309 + 160115a database

made as all know vaux-com 120309 + 131223 software that we have already .
So if you wanna test this software do like this
Asra J A17DTR and A17DTJ go to measuring blocks
If you see all live data parameters then this is a good mixing ( I don’t belive this but …. )
In that ecu’s the mesuring block are showing:
In vaux-com 120309 all live data/mesuring block looks like this —
In vaux-com 131223 ( original one ) half of them show the correct live data and half shows —-
And in opcom 150406 the messuring blocks all show the correct live data because as AutoM3 said that this bug was fixed
In real vauxcom 160115a the mesuring blocks all OK as in 150406 version.
So, this mixed version are just FAKE!!!!!!!!!

(real pros said at http://mhhauto.com/ )

Go to Opcom Vaux-com 120309!!

VAUX-COM 120309a Mega link:


It’s a crack version, but tested 100%, working with opcom firmware 1.9, opcom 1.70, oipcom 1.65. opcom 1.59, opcom 1.45

Opcom firmware 1.95


opcom 1.70


opcom 1.65


opcom 1.59


Opcom 1.45


Good luck