Close SEC-E9 CNC key tablet automatic update function

Due to the frequent update of windows10, the startup/shutdown was slow, stuck and restarted. To ensure your experience, please refer to the following guide to close the update function. Note: Restart your tablet after the automatic update closes. 1. Press and… Continue Reading

How to choose the positioning method and clip the key for SEC-E9 key machine

The following video teaches points: Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Buick key clips and positioning options to explain. Choose the positioning method and clip the key for SEC-E9 key machine Operation points for attention: 1.1. Take TOY43 Toyota Key as an example,… Continue Reading

SEC-E9 Key cutting machine Inspection & cutting key

First, the first step to receive the product, check the packaging. After opening the package, please confirm whether the machine and accessories are complete , SEC-E9 standard package of CNC key machine (below). 2. After confirming that the packing items are complete, please read the… Continue Reading

Tech II kit has everything I need to use on 2009 Vert?

You’ll need a Tech II full kit, incl. 1) the Tech II itself, 2) the standard Tech II main cable (“DLC”), 3) the CANdi module, 4) the standard SAE ODB2 adapter, 5) a 32MB PCMCIA card with the GM software.  Source: Pretty much… Continue Reading

How to setup WinKFP for BMW E series flashing

Here is WinKFP setup/installation tutorial, based on the E60 daten from ISTA/P 2.39. This assumes you have installed INPA/Ediabas and WinKFP and they are running correctly. This was done on a WinXP 32 bit system. Unpack the V2.39 ISTA daten folders for… Continue Reading

Auro Otosys IM600 functions,car list & support languages

If you interested in auro im600,please go to and chat with me online Auro OTOSyS IM600 highlights: 1. diagnostics: Asian car support Renault Samsung, Fuso, Perodua, Proton, Tata, Mahindra. Many of these vehicles can not do the same equipment.… Continue Reading