How to get the latest upgraded Models of Lonsdor k518ise

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How to get the latest upgraded Models of Lonsdor k518ise:”trial apply”to get the latest update Note: 1. Each device can apply for only one time, once click, counting will start and will lasts for 90 days, then the”Trial apply “menu will disappear 2. Functions with blue clock will be for free for 3 months. after that time customer will need to subscribe to use 3. The rest functions updated this time will be for free for ever 4. Check the update log for a basic idea of the update content this time. For more details, Lonsdor will update continuously later in flyer, please check the update […]

Xhorse MB Key PCB v1.5 + Case: Where to?

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Where to buy Xhorse MB Key PCB v1.5 with a case/cover, at a good price? Here you go. Xhorse BE Key PCB v1.5: $17usd […]

Tachograph Programmer CD400 Odometer Test – How to

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It’s aimed to help use Tachograph Programmer CD400 for odometer test Source: The CD400  programmer will automatically simulate a speed of 50km/h on 1000m distance and check if the odometer as been incremented by 1000m. For the K1314/1318 the K […]