2019 GlobalTIS v32 Italian/German/French/Dutch Download Free + Install Instruction

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Here it is the last Opel-Vauxhall GlobalTIS 32B is NOT MULTILANGUAGE!



PASS: cartechnology.co.uk

Language: Italian, German, French, Dutch

Note: For to Join 1x from these, just you need to Add/Configure your preferred Language in your Internet Explorer!

Security: Unknown

For sake of security, you’re advised to use the link below:


It’s version 04.2019

It’s tested Ok and confirmed to work no issues on GM MDI china clone

GlobalTIS install instruction:

  1. Mount the .isofor to install GlobalTIS and during installation click in all windows “Next”!

DO NOT CHANGE anything and leave all AS THEY ARE! 

  1. When the installation finish, 1st DISABLE any Firewall that you have already enable! 

(EVEN and Windows Firewall!)

  1. Run the GlobalTIS and go and FILL Dealer info form (anything you wish…) BUT FULL filling!
  2. Save your Dealer details
  3. ATTENTION!: Request key by: E-mail/Fax and it will generated one Registration.pdf file
  4. Save somewhere this .pdf file
  5. Log-off now from GlobalTIS & CLOSE it
  6. POST HERE https://cartechnology.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=4585 your Software Key or your .pdf file 
  7. Wait to receive your Subscriber ID & your License-Key
  8. When you receive your ID & your Key, run the GlobalTIS fill your details and Click Activate
  9. Click “OK”…
  10. Install now the appearing & needing Plugins!

That’s all!


NOTE 1. DO NOT try to install the Saab or Chevrolet GlobalTIS along with Opel-Vauxhall GlobalTIS! 

It will erase anything from your Opel-Vauxhall, and Saab or Chevrolet it will take place!

DO NOT try to create a Registration form with “Multi” Brands! ONLY with Opel-Vauxhall! 

For to install the other GlobalTIS Systems, you need to use 1x other PC

or Multiboot solution or VMWare Versions or something familiar…

NOTE 2. IF the generated .pdf file it has 0 (zero) size, then you need to try in 1x other PC!