2019 New SD connect C4 WiFi Setup Instruction

3 steps to set up WIFI for the new SD connect c4 (SP100-E) released in the year 2019, with DoIP enabled!

Step 1: setup in sdconnect toolkit

run Administrator and go to reigister/configure tab

setup wlan

select name: 21

tick on “WLAN parameters, workshop”

ip address:

network screen:

ssid: workshop

encryption: WPA2/ASCII

key: 123456789

tick on “WLAN parameters, road”

ip address:

network screen:

ssid: Road24h

encryption: WEP/Hex

key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



go to tab “self-diagnosis” and “software update” to check details there

Step 2: setup wifi using Mars WIFI

install wifi application: Mars wifi

wifi name: workshop

password: 123456789

PC restart

wifi hopspot started

wifi setup is completed!

Step 3: run Xentry for wireless diagnosis

run Xentry Diagnosis 07.2019

do a diagnosis test on Mercedes-Benz C204

step 1: the boundary conditions are recorded

step 2: the control units are being initialized

step 3: check of vin

step 4: the coding of the control units is read

step 5: the eminissions-relevant data are read out from the vehicle

initial quick test

start quick test

step 1: interrogation of ignition status

step 2: the battery voltage is checked

step 3: the quality and states of the control units are recorded

step 4: the kilometer reading is read out

the quick test is being performed…

save data