Latest Tango Key Programmer Software Update !!!

Latest Tango Key Programmer Software Update: Tango Software v1.113 Tango software added (online update) Again FIRST in the WORLD! Copying Toyota H-key Blade (128bit) on LKP-04* [ Tiris Classification ] Tango Toyota Key Maker Authorization Service and LKP04 Chip Blank Again FIRST in… Continue Reading

BMW motorcycle F800 key decoding and cutting: SEC-E9 key machine done!

Success! SEC-E9 cnc key cutting machine is able to do decoding and cutting keys to BMW cycle F800! Key machine: SEC-E9 Model: Motorcycle – BMW cycles – F800 2006- IC card: 1375 Decoding Cutting Time: 3 min done! Tech support:

Lonsdor k518s vs SuperOBD SKP900

Lonsdor k518s vs SuperOBD SKP900,What is the difference? Vehicle Brand K518S(vehicle types and functions) SKP900 VOLVO Support [Immobilization] for S60,S80,XC60,S40,V40, V60,XC90,XC70,etc. Not Support  VW/AUDI/SKODA Support IMMO4:NEC35XX,NEC24C64(2014-),MQB-35XX,etc Support IMMO5 Not Support  BMW Support IMMO: CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3++/CAS4/CAS4+ /FEM/BDC Not Support  MASERATI Support [Program… Continue Reading