FOXWELL Tools Sales Promotion: GT80 ($399) GT80 Plus ($499)

Foxwell tools BIG BIG BIG sales:   GT80: 399 usd with shipping (was 1200 usd) GT80 PLUS: 499 usd with shipping (was 2379 usd) Note that you will get refund if the machine cannot work and don’t have to… Continue Reading

Scania SDP3 2.39 Free download and Installation

Chinacardiags will share the Scania SDP3 2.39 software link with you for free and offer you the step-by-step guide on how to install this software. sdp3 2.39 software link:  Password:5g4dh4 Security: 100% safe System Requirement: Win7 sp1 ultimate edition 32 or 64 Win7… Continue Reading

Free download + How to install Isuzu IDSS 2013-2015 for Nexi USB-Link 2 or 1

Free download Isuzu IDSS 2013 2014 2015:!ISpknKZZ!rsOW6BbWsgVmp7el16UlkmJT7Lmb88kxwjhLaw5fUv8 IDSS!kGogVawB!0AxNBGZOBoI4lM_YvUXTaOPhWeNnS4_SWjDJLVZUlEI IDSS!FXpkDaDb!K1ROd3Mvzi0K-1J6GSN4Mgh9dAzgDDabKkEST_cO8RI Password: 493013 Risk: Unknown! It’s your own risk! IDSS 2015: How to update to 2015After install reboot then go to folder “IDSS_Update” and copy and replace all files… Continue Reading