Advice: Porsche 997.1 and 997.2 making new/existing settings with Durametric cable

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Is coding the word for “making new settings that didn’t come with the car” (Durametric pro) vs. “setting existing settings”(operational) (Durametric enthusiast) ?

Yes, but you have to be careful in that how it works with a 997.1 and a 997.2 is different. I have a 997.2 and opportunity for coding some things was shut down by Porsche. For example, auto door locks. As it turns out, auto door locks are only available if you purchased sport chrono. If you did, then you will see an option in your PCM screen to modify the feature…. also, Durametric can see these features and change them via their software too. But… if you don;t have sport chrono, the option on the PCM screen won’t be there of course, but will be there in the Durametric…. good you think…. so I flipped the bit with my Durametric and the auto door lock works once, then the car computer flips the bit back. Darn! Actually, before I had the Durametric, I took the car to my Pdealer and and let them flip the bit with their Porsche tools….. the tech tested it, once, and gave me the car….. well it didn’t work for me. So I watched him do it this time… tested it… worked…. tested it again, and it flipped back. We could actually see the screen change back on the Porsche computer. No one at the dealersip knew what was going on. About a week later, we (both the tech and I talked) that it was controlled by the Sport Chrono option being present or not. SO….. even the dealerships have little knowledge or training as to what all this crazy software does and doesn’t do.

Other issues….. when you read about the options available to you, always keep in mind if the poster has a 997.1 or .2. Another example is the blinking side lights. My 997.2 is programmed from the factory to blink. No need to code that one. A success I had with my Durametirc was the comfort windows function where you hold the unlock button and the windows drop… I like this one! Another I tried was to disable the seat chime…. I could do this but then the airbag light comes on (or blinks) when you start the car and stays on for a while…. made me really nervous so I tuned it back on. Another poster said he had the same issue but kept it that way and then had an accident … the bag did deploy. Anywho…..

Some track folks like the coding because they can do things like turning off the rear spoiler as they installed a wing or whatever… I don;t track my car so I can’t comment on the track coding features.

Moral of this story… don’t get too optimistic that you can make all these cool changes to your car. Having said this, I am glad I purchased the tool…. I got the Pro version simply because I did…… I only coded for the window drop….. But I do use the tool for diagnostics as it saved me two trips to the dealer and I like dicking with the car. Also, having the pro version makes me popular at Porsche events resetting service reminders.

Bruce in Philly