Allscanner VXDIAG Firmware Reset File Download + How to reset

car diagnostic tool


VXDIAG firmware reset file:

Can be used for Allscanner VXDIAG here:


Press the rest button on the VXDIAG tool

Connect the computer using the USB cable to power on

4 led light on

Release the button after connection to the computer

After reading device IP, pls loosen the VXDIAG device reset key and click on DOIP-NET

Select firmware reset

Firmware location: C:\Program Files (x86)\VCX\VCXMan\Tools\VCXDoIP\release

Update VXDIAG firmware


When the management tool finds out the device IP, the reset is completed

Your file was successfully updated!

Update is in progress and you should wait for automatic reset of the device.

Update time depends on theimage size and may take up a few minutes

You can close this page

Check the VXDIAG firmware version


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