AuroDiag OtoSys IM100 and Suzuki diagnostics: read/clear faults

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AuroDiag OtoSys IM100 diagnostic functions tested:

Diagnostic menu:

Auto scan

Control unit


The Diagnostics application enables a data link to the electronic control system of the test vehicle for vehicle diagnosis via OBD II connection. The application performs functional tests, retrieves vehicle diagnostic information such as trouble and event codes and live data for various vehicle control

systems, such as engine, transmission, and ABS.

There are two options available when accessing the Diagnosis section:

  1. Auto Scan – starts auto scanning for all the available systems on thevehicle.
  2. Control Units – displays a selection menu of all available control units ofthe test vehicle.

After a section is made and the tablet establishes communication with the vehicle, the corresponding function menu or selection menu displays.

Here you go…

Part 1: OtoSys IM100 Auto scan – Suzuki

Part 2: OtoSys IM100 Control unit – Suzuki

In detail…

Part 1: OtoSys IM100 diagnostic – Auto scan – Suzuki

The Auto Scan function through OtoSys IM100 performs a comprehensive scanning over all the ECUs in the vehicle to locate systems’ faults and retrieve DTCs.

otosys-im100-suzuki-1 otosys-im100-suzuki-2 otosys-im100-suzuki-3 otosys-im100-suzuki-4-1 otosys-im100-suzuki-5 otosys-im100-suzuki-6 otosys-im100-suzuki-7 otosys-im100-suzuki-8 otosys-im100-suzuki-9 otosys-im100-suzuki-10 otosys-im100-suzuki-11 otosys-im100-suzuki-12 otosys-im100-suzuki-13 otosys-im100-suzuki-14 otosys-im100-suzuki-15 otosys-im100-suzuki-16 otosys-im100-suzuki-17 otosys-im100-suzuki-18 otosys-im100-suzuki-19 otosys-im100-suzuki-20 otosys-im100-suzuki-21 otosys-im100-suzuki-22

Part 2: OtoSys IM100 diagnostic – Control unit – Suzuki

Manually locate a required control system for testing through a series of selection choices. Follow the menu driven procedures and make proper selection; the application guides the user to the proper diagnostic function menu based on selections.

otosys-im100-suzuki-23 otosys-im100-suzuki-24 otosys-im100-suzuki-25 otosys-im100-suzuki-26 otosys-im100-suzuki-27 otosys-im100-suzuki-28 otosys-im100-suzuki-29

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