AUTEL IM508 and APB112 deal with Toyota Camry 2016 All smart keys lost [via OBD]

auto key programmer

Connect APB112 with usb cable

IMMO- Toyota- Manual selection- other

CAMRY- Smart Key- Keyless System-(can)

  1. Back upimmobilizer Data, this function is use to back up the EEPROM data of  the smart box

Click ok, read immobilizer Data, it need wait a moment…

Save Back up file

Write name file and press ok to save

 Backup succeed

  1. Generate Simulator Key- select the EEPROM data file, click ok, choose back up file

Geneate simulator key

Then connect APB112 key simulator

Burning firmware please wait

The simulator key can be use to turn on and start

Put the simulator key on start/ stop button and press , you can see the engine can be start now, but do not disconnect usb cable.

  1. Add smart key, use simulator key to turn on

Put the simulator key APB112 close to Start button

Put the new smart key to learned close to the Start button

Registering ,please wait

Learning succeed, you can test remote.

Done .

Autel IM508: