Autel im608 is better than Lonsdor? (Australian vehicles)

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Just asking, is Autel im608 is better than Lonsdor K518?

IM608 has diagnostic capabilities that aren’t in other programmers and is developing all the time. From what I’ve read Lonsdor customers are all unhappy about paid functions and tend to buy a new tool rather than pay update costs. I have been very happy with the Autel, I’ve been using Autel for years for diagnostics and key programming and have always received excellent after sales service and tech support. is always at hand to help and I and many others have had bugs or issues fixed in hours or overnight. I can’t say other brands have offered the same level of support.

i do a lot of work for workshops that have Snap On because the Autel can do things that Snap on can’t with cars in our market. Snap On is a good tool and has good capabilities but I find the Autel has more coverage for us here in Australia with our range of vehicles. Ford and Holden is all covered well by the Autel and the expansion and potential of the Autel is very good. 

I also own several tools mate as no ‘unicorn does every job’ tool exists. I haven’t had an issue with Toyota on Autel, h chip akl for Aus Market is being developed now as it differs to USA h chip akl. From what I’ve found the live data on the Autel shows more on the cars I’ve been called to by Snap On equipped workshops. I also have the Autek and it’s good for the price as a key programmer but obviously no diagnostics or live data etc. I can only speak from experience in the Australian market and as I have said in another post elsewhere the Snap On workshops wouldn’t pay me to do certain jobs if they were capable. Different countries and different vehicles dictates success and failure but here I find the Autel to be the most versatile in relation to coverage for our vehicles in Australia. Also the user him/herself can be used to one tool and find anothers menu or options confusing at times so personal preference also plays a big part in people’s opinions as does skill levels and understanding of things in general. My personal preference is Autel but what works for me here may not work for you. It also depends upon what cars you work on and what you are looking to do. I find Autel tech support to be very good and prompt in response and action. I, and others have been supplied with beta versions in some cases just hours after we have reported the issue and supplied datalog, I have no experience with Snap Ons tech support so can’t comment on that. I fully agree though that several tools are needed to provide good customer service and get the job done when dealing with a variety of vehicles and issues

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