Autel MX808 vs Autel DS808 vs Autel MS906BT

car diagnostic tool

The DS808 has similar diagnostic software to the MX808 Pro, but the DS808 has coding functions (MX808, MD808 have no coding, i.e. When replacing certain parts, you need to code them into the system)

The main difference between the DS808 and the MS906BT (R28 000exVAT):

1). MS906BT communicates with the car via Bluetooth communication (DS808 is hardline).

2). MS906BT comes with a full kit of OBDI cables for the older models.

3). MS906BT gets software updates (specifically coding updates) earlier then DS808.

4). The software of the DS808 and MS906BT is very similar. So the DS808 is a great value for money option, but if you want all the bells and whistles, check out the Autel MS906BT.

Autel DS808 Main Screen


Autel DS808 Diagnostic Menu

2-Autel-DS808-Diagnostic-Menu 3-Autel-DS808-Diagnostic-Menu 4-Autel-DS808-Diagnostic-Menu 5-Autel-DS808-Diagnostic-Menu 6-Autel-DS808-Diagnostic-Menu

Autel DS808 Service Functions

7-Autel-DS808-Service-Functions 8-Autel-DS808-Service-Functions

DS808 is another new product based on MaxiSys system, which continues the essence of Daitong diagnosis product, adopts powerful 1.5GHz four-core processor, runs very fast, equipped with 7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, 32GB storage capacity, based on the new Android fast window operating system, to help you conveniently, quickly and efficiently deal with automobile failures and customer management; Built-in rich maintenance materials, a variety of technical support channels to help you solve problems quickly, DS808 is suitable for fast repair stores, chain stores, technicians for personal basic diagnosis and testing, rapid repair and maintenance, vehicle overhaul of the best choice.