AutoHex II vs. BMW Explorer – Which is better for a BMW garage?

auto key programmer

I have both Bmw AutoHex Full Package and Bmw Explorer Full

and if you do lots BMW you need at least one.

Autohex2 – Very friendly interface. 

it will help you a lot. I using it mainly for the ISN job and the key making. It does more ECU then the Explorer eg: MEV1723.
AKL for most of E series you can do entirely via OBD. Downgrade the CAS never failed for me. Even so you can easy fix it with Autohex. 
CAS3 replacement is easy and you can do it via obd or on the bench
Programming function is handy due to you dont have to waste the time for fire up Ista P or others when needed. 
It comes with all required cables and adapters and clear instruction.
Support friendly, They will never ignore any of your questions via Skype, always help you when you get in trouble.
Yearly subscription – this is nothing new when you use proper tools. It will bring you much more benefits. All updates for free.

Bmw Explorer – another grate tool.

It has more function such as reset mileage for the cars.
It comes with no adapters if you need to do ECU on the bench you need to make them self – so waste the time for me – and also purchase ECU Explorer
Software comes with the dongle ( annoying) Scanning F series it takes very long time crashing at the end so need to do all from beginning.
During the CAS downgrade it sometimes stopped in the middle of the process without no reason – support ignore – CAS dead.
Doing mileage reset on Mini it wiped the mileage completely so I had to fix the epprom…..uff, all dash out. 

Bmw Explorer is twice more expensive then Autohex and is not for beginners. If you get in trouble, support wont help you. 
Anything you decide you still need some others tools as they both not doing everything. I hope I helped with my experience