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This is the newest TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System in 2018- KOLSOL TS61.


Product Features:

LCD display (LCD size 17 x 17mm)
Valve diameter: 7mm
Pressure units: PAR/PSI
Working temperature: -20℃~ 80℃
Storage temperature: -30℃ ~ 85℃
Input Voltage: DC 12 ~ 24V
Pressure Range:0-3.5Bar/0-50psi
Sensor battery: CR1632
Temperature unit: C
Simultaneously display 4 tire pressure or temperature
Temperature, excessive pressure alarm, emergency leak alarm
Connected to cigarette lighter(DC 12V)
Wireless connection

kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-3 kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-4

Color: black
Receiver: approx. 38 ( height) x 33 ( diameter )mm
Sensor: approx.7 ( height ) x 0 ( diameter )mm
Certificates : CE , RoSH(attachment)

How to install KOLSOL TS61 sensor for TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring:

Step 1: unscrew the valve cap

Step 2: insert the dustproof cover into trhe valve stem

Step 3: screw in the nut

Step 4: screw on the sensor

Step 5: tighten up the nut to the sensor by using the spanner

Step 6: check air leakage by spraying soapy water

Tips for the sensor Installation:

1. Be gentle to the valve stem when screwing the sensors. It’s best to pinch the valve stem with one hand and then screw sensors with the other hand.
2. Turn on the monitor first before installing the sensors so that the monitor can receive the sensor data on time.
3. Ensure no air leakage over after installed and may use soapy water for testing if necessary.

How to use KOLSOL TS61 TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System:

There will be four values on the LCD, corresponding to 4 tire pressure

In details.. look at the picture below

kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-install-2 kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-install-3

Where to buy HQ TPMS tire pressure system:

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kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-2 kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-5 kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-6 kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-7 kolsol-tpms-ts61-tire-pressure-monitoring-system-8