BMW ME9.2 read/write: Ktag? Kess? MPPS? Xprog? BDM100?

ECU Chip Tunning

Looking for a good tool to read and write a bosch me9.2 from a 2005 bmw e63.

i am a newbie at this. maybe someone has some advise for me.

Optional solutions:

Ktag bench reads/writes BMW ME9.2:

when you select brand and type you will have HELP button, if not click on OK…. next site the system will show you all types of connect possibility….

not possible by obd, you´ll have to do it by bench and open ecu…


Kess v2 OBD reads/writes BMW ECU ME9.2:

You can do it kess via obd

MPPS cable should work:

The way to wire it, ask in open forum for a picture of MPPS pinout for BMW ME9.2.

Xprog works:

BDM pinout for XPROG


BDM100 works:

i have managed read and write with bdm100. At the firs beginning, when i read from original and trying to write it to other same kind ecu i get erasing block fail error.

Finally, I found point which is connected to pin 53 (WP). I connected voltage to test point and now succeed to write dump from other ecu.