BMW Programming: ISTA-P vs WinKFP vs E-sys

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This is for those who are interested in tools used for programming/flashing a BMW car.
There is ISTA-P and E-SYS and Winkfp.

ISTA-P(ISSS-NEXT): Programming and coding software system

WINKFP: Engineer Software for E series, for programming

E-SYS: Engineer Software for F series (available for programming and coding)

ISTA vs WinKFP vs E-sys:

Which one should you use and why?
What are the advantages and disadvantages to use the one or the other?

ISTA: simple, mainly new modules
WinKFP: main use is on Used Modules or Modified cars
E-sys: is a substitution for WinKFP

This world now has toooooo much money a float(read note#1)… before i used many used modules and so i used WinKFP… now a day i tell to people NO MORE USED Modules ONLY NEW so therefor i MAINLY use ISTA…… Many Shops in USA using AutoLogic Diag system… about a 1~1.5 year ago Autologic made an updated of it’s software and now it does not allow to use used module.
So now a days in USA it’s kinda a standard to use NEW modules ONLY everywhere you go (European cars)
If you mention “can mechanic use used module in my car” you get a respond maybe some other shop by not this one

Note: In South Bay Area California about a week ago or two it has been made into a law that if a family of 2 makes $250,000 or less, then family considers to be LOW-INCOME family, basically a homeless family.
Why do i need a hassle to reprogram used module when people that make $200+K are homeless… Driving a BMW…..

The last…

ISTA P will program used modules no problem in expert mode as long as it’s the correct version of the module. Done it many times. But winkfp is easier.

But FYI, ISTA/P will not always program used modules.

Used modules such as airbag control unit in e6x will no proceed for example. Because of the non matching VIN number.
Will have to use WinKFP for this as it erases the VIN then encode the module.

Other modules such as active steering wheel control module to in E6x will not be flashed in ISTA/P if used. VIN will need to be erased first.