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Digiprog 3 4.94 Car list Category CAR list 1 Motorcycle list 70 Digiprog 3 4.94 Car list and Motorcycle list 1. CAR list ALFA   145/146 ST  (plug 34)   147      C86     PLUG 1      NEC79    PLUG 59   156      HC11     PLUG 33      2002 HC11… Continue Reading

Tachograph Programmer CD400 Odometer Test – How to

It’s aimed to help use Tachograph Programmer CD400 for odometer test Source: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/tacho-programmer-tachograph-programmer-cd400.html The CD400  programmer will automatically simulate a speed of 50km/h on 1000m distance and check if the odometer as been incremented by 1000m. For the K1314/1318 the K reference is set to the last K measured if available, otherwise it is set to 8000. For the other tachographs the K… Continue Reading

Mercedes odometer correction: Obdstar X300M vs Digiprog 3

Universal odometer correction tools: Obdstar X300M and Digiprog 3, which is better for Mercedes-Benz to change km? Here you go. Obdstar x300m: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/obdstar-x300m-special-for-odometer-adjustment-and-obdii-26601.html Digiprog 3: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/low-cost-v494-digiprog-iii-digiprog3-multi-languages-odometer-master-programmer-entire-kit-with-st01-5156.html Obdstar X300M vs Digiprog 3 Obdstar X300M is better for Mercedes mileage change esp. for new Mercedes… Continue Reading