Subaru FreeSSM License, Requirement, Windows Linux Installation

Look here: Subaru FreeSSM software solutions including Licence Supported Platforms Requirements Compilation Installation Starting FreeSSM ——————————————————————————– Good to know: FreeSSM is a free and easy to use diagnostic and adjustment tool for SUBARU® vehicles. It currently supports the models LEGACY®, LIBERTY®, OUTBACK®, BAJA®,… Continue Reading

Autophix 7710: Confirmed to work with Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 1996-2017

Autophix 7710 User Manual for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury diagnosis: What is Autophix 7710: Autophix 7710 is a hand-held diagnostic tool for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury from 1996 to 2017. it’s good at OBD2 diagnostic tests and special functions incl. oil service reset, DPF rest and EPB… Continue Reading

Lonsdor ST-P181, Best Porsche diagnostic tool?

What is Lonsdor ST-P181? It’s a hand-held code reader used for Porsche only, from Lonsdor, featuring setting idle start-stop system and clearing fault code. Light, portable and easy to use. No need specialized knowledge to get started. Why should I… Continue Reading

VPECKER E4 Mobile update information 2018-01-08

VPECKER E4 Mobile update information: DISPLAY UI upgrade to V4.6 1.Optimize UI display 2.Add retrieve password function 3.Improve diagnostic capabilities and communication layer stability model software update reminder. 5.Optimization of diagnostic data flow interface interaction. freeze data stream refresh function. 7.Add history reminder for diagnostic menu click. 8.Optimize APP installation package size. 9.fix some bugs. Original:VPECKER E4 Mobile update information 2018-01-08