Caterpillar ET 2011A Windows XP/7/8 Install Tutorial

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I (@in3xp3rt0) wrote a guide to install it and I uploaded the patch and the drivers here, including how to solve the connection trouble on the Windows XP SP3 computer (Error #434: The requested baud is invalid) This is because you need to patch ET 2011A.

I know that anything isn’t going to work like the original, but at this time is the tool I have in my hands.

For those like me, I upload the files and I put the links on the attach bellow:

CAT ET 2011A PATCH!jQpgQbJY!hlywN6fLOA_1iojqdj0kToQRWrFsnHPDWiBHCJNEag0


CP210X USB to UART Driver!iJxhwAbZ!Ph3OtDQAr1l-uKckoBe1Rg51_l3rKpUKcaI3hNpv4bY

FTDI USB to UART Driver!TY5ijLqD!o_ZVBqU5jVeQjPrF3_VjyApMbYf0TLLPf_mjvbC3IzM

Here a leave the instructions:

  1. Clean install
  2. Install ET 2011A
  3. Install FTDI USB to UART Driver
  4. Install CP210X USB to UART Driver
  5. Open the ET 2011A. Click “Utilities” > “License Cat ET” > Generate code and paste it.
  6. If your OS is Windows XP goto step 7 or Windows 7/8 goto step 8.
  7. Copy “CommunicationAdapterServer.exe” to “\Program Files\Common Files\Offboard Information Products”
  8. ONLY IF WINDOWS 7/8. Open Cat ET 2011A Patch. Select unit and os guest (32 or 64 bits). And click Patch, it would show you Patched it message OK.
  9. Reboot computer.
  10. Connect USB and bluetooth and wait to install and disconnect them.
  11. Go to properties on “My computer”, open hardware management and check USB and bluetooth com port number.
  12. Open the ET 2011A and goto Utilities->Preferences->Communications

Select “Caterpillar Comm Adapter II (Dual Data Link/Serial lP)

Select the same COM port as you noticed in step 11 (USB or bluetooth the one you already connected. 1 only)

It works now. I tested it on a Cat 950G and it show me the 3 ECM, however I’m having trouble to connect with a Cat 416E, I get the message check cable connection, no cable detected.

But it works perfect on a Cat 950G.


Big thanks to in3xp3rt0 from

Credits to Laura share info with we all