CGDI Prog MB Read EZS, Calculate Password, Write Erase Key W220

Bought the item CGDI Prog MB key programmer from website! sent by DHL express to USA.

Customer experience today:

W220 2003 facelift

Mercedes SL 2006 AMG

Read Write Erase Key

Read ezs and pw and calculate keys

First, see how this CGDI Prog MB Read Write Erase Key:

Read key


Write key

Reset key (erase key)

Second, i read ezs and pw and calculate keys with CGDI MB


Read EIS

Calculate password

Copy & paste password, then save EIS data

Generate EE

Job’s done!

Also tested on Mercedes  W212

Read EZS —> OBD work Fine
Calulating PW from EZS —> Work fine Online Server
Key Calculating —> v041 & v051 Work fine online Server

CGDI PROG MB key programmer works perfect.

I’m satisfied.