China SDconnect C4’s Guide: HQ vs LQ

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Yes there is a big difference between the SD Connect C4 LQ and HQ muxes, LQ muxes are horrible to work with partially working, diagnostics issues, can’t update them, some don’t even work after updates..just helped a member here on the forum and his mux was the same crappy one, took me hours to try to fix it and still no luck so fingers crossed for you my friend.

Here is a small comparison with a HQ one and a LQ one

The HQ is ordered a SDconnect C4 for a friend and it arrived some days ago.

I have no luck that what I got was a low quality one. The wifi-card is like the one shown in the pics above and there is no SD card slot.

Visual comparison (HQ one on top and LQ below)


Some difference in the fonts of the logo (HQ one [top] seems more original)


Side comparison (HQ one on top)


Both use different screws (HQ one on Left)


Weight Comparison : HQ – 1085g


LQ one 1030g – 55g lighter! seems this one on diet!!


HQ Mux Wifi card and SD slot


WiFi card of HQ Mux – it’s CISCO card


SD card slot of HQ one – you can clearly see the slot and pins


Look at Wifi card of LQ one. Notice this area is not having soft padding like HQ one


Closer look at LQ Wifi card


And.. there is no SD card slot here!! It’s just an empty hole! You can see the mainboard through this hole!


Note on functionality:

When I first received the LQ mux, I tried using 03.2016 XENTRY with it, but it did not connect – then after reading through lot of threads here at mhh and watching webmaster’s sd connect tutorial videos (I highly recommend anyone using sdconnect to view his video), I renamed the 3 update folders in C:\Program Files\SDconnect Toolkit and it worked! LQ one is working now and I have been using it for the past few days and scanned 3 cars – seems no problem. (EDIT: I ‘accidentally’ updated the Firmware of the LQ clone and it’s working well now with 3.2016 xentry without renaming the update folders -)

BUT, it seems HQ one has no problems in updating – I did not even know SDconnects update themselves until now – and it seems the HQ one was automatically updating itself when connected with new XENTRY till now (I checked and FW version of HQ one which I bought 2 years ago is higher than the LQ one I received now). – but I recommend that you update the clone mux (whether LQ/HQ)

And when I researched further, HQ clones can connect to 12v (cars) and 24v (trucks) no problem, whereas LQ ones are only recommended for 12v. I have been using my HQ mux for 2 years now and I have not faced a single problem with it – I’ll bet the LQ ones will not be as good in reliability.

My advice to anyone looking at buying a SDconnect clone – do your homework and get a high quality clone – there is not much price difference from what I have seen anyways – get in touch with– the HQ clone for my friend from there.

Hope this post helps, thanks!