Clone Tech 2 and TIS2000 on Windows 10 Review

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Well, I finally got the tech2, i had to file a dispute through paypal though. The tools arrived 2 days later. Tech 2 looks and feels exactly like the gm one. $229.00 for a brand new tech2 scanner with a candi module. all the cables and adapters and case is great

Here it is !


32 MB PCMCIA card


Tech 2 main unit


TIS2000 CD, DVD etc


full set cables


Package includes the TIS2000 CD and DVD along with the USB Key

TIS2000 lets the Tech2 communicate with a computer (Win XP/vista and virtual machine i think.) to download data. The USB key is for accessing the GM site to revise the PCM settings so long as there were allowed by GM.


I’m good to go ! I’m trying to learn the Tech 2 and figure out the use of the Tech 2 and the TIS2000 I bought .

I run TIS2000 in a virtual winXP on my win 10 computer using Oracle Virtualbox .

Here is a photo I took just showing how you can use the Tech 2 scanner together with a windows 10 pc and the TIS2000 running in a virtual win XP pc .
I have also connected the USB key to a USB port and it recognized by the virtual pc .

As far as I have learned by now is that the main use of TIS2000 is to update an existing PCM or flash a replacement (new) PCM .

As far as I also have learned you download files for your VIN from ac delco site by means of the TIS2000 first . Then you copy these files from the pc into Tech2 memory . Afterwards you connect the Tech2 to the OBD2 plug in car and update according to correct prosedure . I hope you can confirm if this is correct ….

I can´t see any problem with reflashing the PCM using this clone .
This video seems to confirm that the quality is good of these clones .