Cloned VAS 5054A PCB Review

car diagnostic tool

I’ve got another clone VAS 5054A, This is the look inside.

Its has got the AMB2300 bluetooth. It’s genuine


The OKI and 2 other components are missing

But OKI is useless, we don’t need for 98% of situations (so it’s up to users).
It has the 2 components between the memory, the memory is the K6R4016C1D !
Its not got fully wired DLC connector

The DLC connector is missing just 1 pin wiring. It’s likely it is for the low speed CAN, but I cannot confirm.
Its does have the TJA1050 and the LTAEF fitted
TJA1054 (Or TJA1055) is necessary. This is low speed CAN.

Speaker/buzzer is nice to have.
Memory is 5V but, a slower 55ns type. It will work, but kind of slower.

As for it’s clone at a decent price, it’s acceptable. Worked!