Cloned VAS5054A SN Changed from 082145725 to 083600808

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Today I managed to change the series to a cloned VAS5054A from 082145725 to 083600808. Both series come from clones.

I have edited the new serial number in EEPROM 93C46 and AT25640A (from AMB2300). I deleted the settings from the computer with the old serial, and re-installed the VAS5054A with the new serial (it was initially viewed by the computer as having the old serial number) BT mating I did with the new serial number.
I started EDIC Hardware Installation with native D-PDU API v42, and added the new drive.

I checked with ODIS Service Diagnostic Interface Configuration and everything seemed fine.

I started Softing D-PDUAPI Test Application and performed a test according to the standard procedure, again everything was fine.

I started ODIS-S v5.1.6, and surprise, the ODS2522E error “HARDWARE NOT SUPPORTED” appeared.

Later I started windows xp, where I installed VAS-PC v19.01.01, and resumed all the procedure described above. In the internal test I got OK.

I resumed everything from the beginning in win 7 x64, and I started ODIS-S v5.1.6, this time everything went very well, without any error and with the new active serial number.

Solved finally!


(many thanks to toza27)