Condor Dolphin cut keys to Kwickset Titan 1980-2005 (KW10): Done!

key cutting machine

About: Kwickset Titan 1980-2005 key cutting using Condor Dolphin key machine

customize key data

the original key blade

and the new key for cutting

put the new key blade into the clamp M1 on Condor Dolphin

select Kwickset – Titan 1980-2005 on the xhorse app

M1 clamp shoulder align

this type recommend using 1.5mm to cut

key fixed: clear metal fillings and use your finger to press the blank key on the clamp and make sure it is flat

Condor key machine starts to cut the key

key cutting is complete

take out the key

the new key cut just now

job’s done!

(thanks to Dorian Tsien)