Condor XC-Mini Ford HU101: Cutting & Decoding Success!

key cutting machine

Here i will show you guys to see how to do decoding and cutting a HU101 key on the Xhorse Condor Mini key cutting machine.

I’ll begin with switching on your Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine.

Then select ‘Cut by Bitting’.

Using the keypad, input HU101

Select HU101 from the options.

Once HU101 is selected, press ‘Continue’.

You will be offered 2 options – 7 cut or 10 cut. In this guide it’s a 10 cut key we need, so select 10 cut and Volvo and press ‘Continue’.

The screen then changes confirming which clamp, correct alignment position and correct cutter to use

Take note of the correct clamp.

Correctly insert the original key into the jaw in the correct position.

Double check on the screen that you’re using the correct jaw and it’s in the correct alignment.

Press ‘Key Decode’.

Then press ‘Continue’.

The Condor Mini will now decode the key.

Once decoding is complete the screen displays the key cuts.

Now remove the original key and get a key blank

Correctly insert the blank key in the jaw to the correct alignment.

Press ‘Correcting & Cut’

The Condor Mini will cut they key. Once cutting is complete you will be told to turn the key and cut side 2.

Turn the key and align correctly when prompted.

Press ‘Correcting & Cut’ to begin cutting side 2.

The key is now perfectly duplicated.

You can also enter direct cuts if no key is available as follows:

Select ‘Cut by Bitting’.

Using the keypad type HU101.

Select HU101.

Select 10 cut and then Volvo.

Manually enter your cuts then cut as above guide.

And there you have it, a perfectly cut HU101 using the Condor Mini where no key was available to decode!

Job’s done!

Btw, LISHI HU101 2-in-1 Auto Pick and Decoder can help get key codes