Confirmed! Keydiy can copy Toyota G chips

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Keydiy key tool is able to clone Toyota G chips. Here are questions frequently asked and answers by experienced users.

Q: Is this still G chip since KD says is clonable or its maybe H chip ?


A: It is G chip. They are cloneable at the moment. Not H chip however, to my knowledge!

Q: clonable on cN 5 ?

A: yes CN5- once you decode you key, in read and copy function

Q: I have this type of cn5 for writing

Nad there is 72 G clone on Keydiy


A: you can clone no problem.

Q: Auto detect-clone all ok but cant write on this CN5 I have. To try under 72G clone or to try another chip ?

A: do you have Cn2 chip? Try that

Result: Used one cn5 normal capacity and it was written fine. All ok spare key finished. 

Btw, If memory serves me have used LKP-02 no issues. Just did a 14 Toyota Tacoma G the other day. lkp02 is the most cost effective option

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