DAS Prototypes running on XDOS 2019-09 (Fix)

car diagnostic tool

Hello all 
tested on a x64 64bit Windows installation of XDOS 2019-09. 
I am sure this works on any other OS as there are only files and folders missing. 
This has already helped me with XDOS 2018-03.

DAS is working with Prototypes, no Errors. 
All missing Files and instructions in the Attachment. 

I used the Basic XDOS 2019-09 installation described in Pesonas thread XENTRY XDOS & PassThru how to install for dummies 2019

Files on Mega:

Password: cartechnology.co.uk

What’s new: XDOS Sep 11, 2019

Add VIII. Xentry SCN ONLINE FIXED (Thanks to leng007, gcs190 & ross2018)

purpose: According to leng007, license control for old and new long keys to block SCN accounts is fixed

Notes: i get deep information from Glintweb that this is a good solution from 2017 up to 2019-03. for 2019-05 onward, there is more security than this.

Link: XDOS 09.2019 for newbies


Comes with a disk. just insert it into the laptop and it will be ready for use.

(Thanks to D-Info)