Digimaster 3 Review

mileage odometer

FYI for people that are considering buying. I brought my Digimaster 3 here and the following is my experience with it so far:

  1. The shipping is very fast. I paid via Paypal, and received the unit within 4 days. I live in US-CA
    2. It arrived with sufficient packaging.
    3. At first, the Digimaster 3 unit will boot up in locked state asking for registration. You need to contact seller (paypal address) to get an account and password before you can use it.
    4. After you have the account information, it takes about 3+ hours for the system to perform online update, depending your internet speed and the Digimaster remote server condition. I had to monitor my unit and repeat the update few times to complete the process. I have a 12mbps Down/1.5mbps Up link internet. During update download, system would stop at some steps and timeout. Once restart it will resume and continue download the remaining steps. If onscreen keyboard doesn’t show, there is a hardware button to bring it up.
    5. Once update is completed, I checked my system’s price list option to see what options are unlocked for me: all most all options are UNLOCKED. My account starts with 200 tokens. After contact seller, he confirms that all options will be unlocked once they completely release it. The tokens are for testing and trail purpose.
    6. After I started to test it on cars, I have encountered problems. I am currently working with seller to resolve them. Crossing my fingers that this system will deliver what it promised.

Upload images… changed km for an E60

digimaster-3-bmw-e60-odometer-correction-1 digimaster-3-bmw-e60-odometer-correction-2 digimaster-3-bmw-e60-odometer-correction-3 digimaster-3-bmw-e60-odometer-correction-4