Does Obdstar H100 support my car (Ford/Mazda)?

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What can Obdstar H100 key programmer do? And does it support your car? Look here. Collect questions and answers asked frequently. Hope it helps.


Q: H100 can it work for Mustang 2016 key programming with all keys lost?

Q: H100 works for Smart Key Mazda 3 2015?
A: Yes

Q: Can it work for 2017 F250 smart key all keys lost.
A: 50%, you can have a try.

Q: Can it work transit custom 2014
A: Yes, it can support patial.

Q:OBDSTAR H100 can support US Ford Fusion 2015 for mileage? 
A: NO, it can not support mileage at present

Q: H100 work For Ford/Mazda cx5 2014?
A: Yes

Q: OBDSTAR H100 can it work for 2000 FORD F150  5.4l Petrol to program keys.
A: Engineer said for the old car, you can just have a try.

Q: OBDSTAR H100 can support 2008 Mustang and Ford Edge?
A: Yes

Q:H100 support ford f250 all key lost?
A: Yes

Q: Does OBDSTAR H100 support ford Mustang 2016 all key lost?

Q: Does h100 need tokens?
A: No.

Q:OBDSTAR H100 can do Mustang 2016 all key lost?
A: Yes.

Q:H100 can it work for Mustang 2016 to program keys, all keys lost
A: Yes.

Q:H100 includes all the F100 functions?
A: Yes. But H100 hardware has new chips and better performance than F100.

Also, new models the 2017/2018 year are supported… look here:

New Mondeo/Edge/Taurus/Mustang/F150 2015- Models

Edge 2016+, F150 2015, Galaxy 2015+, Mondeo 2015+, Mustang 2015+, Ranger 2016+

Q:H100 can it program Land Rover or range rover?
A: Yes, but before 2014.6

Q:H100 SUPPORT 2017 Mustang?
A: it cann ot support at present.

Q:H100 support immo & odometer correct? 
A: Yes.

Q: OBDSTAR H100 support all key lost?
A: Yes

Q: H100 can work Smart Key Mazda 3 2015?

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