Easiest Way: How to program MB E320 new keys when all keys lost

auto key programmer

This is for those looking for the easiest way to program new keys to 2000 Mercedes E320 when all keys are lost. Done with VVDI tools.

Tips and guides through questions and answers…..

Should be able to read password via IR?

I haven’t really use the IR very much. When I plugged it into the MB it didn’t seem to get any power. There was no red LED on the IR telling me there was power to it. Can you remind me when I may be doing wrong

Is it on the vehicle or on the bench?

On the bench

There’s the problem. On the vehicle it will read via ir. Have you got vvdi prog?


So your option is to read via prog (solder or use eis adapter) then load file into vvdi mb or put back on vehicle and read in situ. What is the eis part number?

I’m not looking at it at the moment but it started with a 210. It’s the 1d49j I believe. Last time I did one of these I had to remove and attached to a mezzanine board for the vvdi prog. I haven’t seen an adapter for this. Just for future reference I had no clue you could read with the IR in the car. What is the process for doing that do you still plug in the OBD adapter and the IR reader etc

No need for obd connector. Just use ir straight in the car. It doesn’t always read but worth a try. Once you tell me part number I will tell you the most efficient way to tackle this job.

210 545 02 08


Do you have vvdi mb power adapter?


the little adapter that you plug into the OBD side that’s supposed to allow you to do quicker password collection

Then easy job, instructions are within the mb program…


Read eis, then calculate password (I assume you have tokens), then create key. Job done

Do you have a suggestion for where to acquire the wire to connect the OBD and the EIS

Just use any cable and some crimps to get you sorted on this job. It’d be good to make your own few test cables using proper connectors for the future