Feedback on Launch M-diag Lite Plus works for BMW diagnosis & Special function

car diagnostic tool

Launch M-diag Lite Plus Test ok on these BMW models and year:

  1. BMW ECUs ok on:

Engine, Automatic transmission, Anti-lock Brake, Airbag, A/C, Dashboard

Electronic Throttle Rearview Mirror Rear Seat Memory, Anti-theft

Cruise, Center Control Module, Parking Sensor, Light system

  1. BMW models and year ok on:


Device to prepare (Optional):

  1. AndroidPhone / Tablet
  2. IOSiPhone


How to use Launch M-diag Lite Plus with Android Phone / Tablet?

  1. Buy one original Launch Golo M-Diag Lite adapterwith BMW brand software


  1. Use Phone / tablet to Scan M-diag QR code, click the site to download M-diag.apk and install.



  1. Register User and login.

Input a valid email address, if got password lost, you could recover by the email address. This is a big improvement over the older version Launch. For security, you could change password by clicking option “Mine” then “Change password”.



  1. Active M-diag adapter by entering the S/N and activation code (in the private envelope)


  1. Connect M-diag adapter withthe OBDII port of the vehicle.

The adapter green indicator blinks means it’s working normally, the red indicator blinks means Bluetooth connection OK. Bluetooth pair needs no password, if it needs, try 0000 or 1111.


  1. Download BMW software.

Click option “Vehicle Diagnosis”, choose “BMW”, Click “Software download”, after complete download, and then begin to do diagnose and do special function.

bmw-09-576x1024 mdiag-menu-08-576x1024

M-diag test report on special functions and diagnostic function:

mdiag-function-17 mdiag-function-16-576x1024 mdiag-function-15 mdiag-function-14 mdiag-function-13 mdiag-function-12-576x1024 mdiag-function-11-576x1024 mdiag-function-10