Feedback on VVDI, Condor XC-MINI, SKP900, CK100 and BMW Multi Tool

auto key programmer

There are many auto key programmers in our website, let us give you some experience on these tools.

1. VVDI2 Commander


Good Device to do BMW CAS system from Xhorse (REALLY good company) especially program CAS4+ all key lost. The device have option for reading pin code and key programming for PSA, keyprogramming and remote programming for VAG and BMW (CAS). But as i said i don’t have tried so much.



Another Xhorse device to do Mercedes Benz keys, I made a lot of keys for Benz from 97 to 2014. And Xhorse keep continues update for their products! They did listen to customers and try to make VVDI MB Tool better. Of course the device doesn’t do everything, there is no device in the market that can do all the keys, and if someone tells you that, it is a lie.

3.Condor XC-MINI master


The best key cutting machine for price $ 3,000 around is Condor XC-MINI. Besides I got one at online seller from website. I’m really happy with it so far.

Tested OK with XC-MINI:

Cut New GM, Coverlet, HU100, PSA Peugeot, Citroen VAT2 key, XC-MINI makes job easier
Do Toyota TOY43 all key lost, save you a lot of time
Cut Suzuki, Mazda (key tooth in ignition lock more than door lock) all key lost, simply by enter the key code
Do Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, and Citroen all key lost, directly program keys
HU101 works fine, HU92 works fine.
HU66 OK, have to do two passes on each side to get the key to work, same with hu100.
Fix the problem that other key cutting machines cut domestic Honda key not accurately
Clio 2 series with m1 clamp all is ok perfect.
Panda MJ year 2005 cut key OK.

SKP-900 key programmer


SKP900 is really good tool for the ASIAN brand of cars, PSA group (But you can’t get the pin code with that device), Land Rover, Range Rover, Mazda etc. It does a lot of cars and seldom disappoints me!

CK-100 key programmer


This device you will need to have for cars before 2005, like SKP900 most of the cars you don’t get the pin code, but for programming remotes and keys it is good!! I often use it to program VW keys within 5 minutes.

BMW Multi Tool


This one I have used a lot and it is a good device to make BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 AND CAS3+, for CAS4 the device came with one option that can reflash the unit for one old version, program the key and put the cas4 system again, I don’t advise doing that, but have some friends who tried and erased the CAS.