FgTech Galletto v48 v50 v52 v52 v53 v54 clone: Which best?

ECU Chip Tunning

Galletto v48 v50 v52 v52 v53 v54 software, which is best for FgTech 4 china clone?

Galletto v48 v50 v52 v52 v53 v54:

v50, v51, v52 = sw v48, no problem only if using upgraded hw.
v53 = sw and hardware bad for all china, v53 sw upgradable for no language, no data back, more stability but always with hw upgraded
v54 = sw and hardware very bad for all china, hw upgradable but sw no…i suggest hw upgrade and firmware downgrade to v53 for NO PROBLEM

Galletto v48 v53 v54:

the only cracked fg sw are v48 and v53, stop…but v53 clean are more stable between v54 because who crack v54 for solve data problem did not do a good job…each time you start sw v54 the antivirus stop the operation even if i put it on exclusion…v53 dont have problem with data back, language or bad setup, or antivirus

Galletto v53 v54:

Software in V54 Chinese version (just like EU), is more ancient than software version V53.
I have a V53 Chinese with software 11-2012, and can read-write-unlock eeprom PCR2.1 for example.
Clones V54 (soft is dated 09-2015), one can unlock simos PCR2.1 not pujeden read write eeprom

Galletto v53 v54:

i always wrote that v53 clean with one mod at two dll can work perfect without problem, i wrote that software v54 are bad cracked and have no stability for this reason!
v53 work only with 0475 (the only best clone fg)
v54 work only with 0386 (****)

Galletto v53 download:



The second link is 100% tested with Fgtech china clone:


Galletto v54 download:


100% tested with FgTech 4 china: