Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Code Scanner Review

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If you are looking for a best OBD2 scanner, you need to check out Foxwell NT301 OBD2 and EBOD Code Reader. This OBD2 scanner is no ordinary OBD2 device. It’s compatible with any car: SUV, light-duty truck or a minivan manufactured worldwide from 1996 and . It is multilingual menu options and DTCs definitions help read or erase DTC or engine fault codes as well as I/M readiness. The Foxwell scanner also provides on-screen DTCs definitions and has a built-in DTCs look up library to help you accurately determine why the check engine light turned on in your car.


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Foxwell NT301 Function

Foxwell NT301 OBDII code reader has a large color LCD display to make navigation very simple and easy. The tool is protected by a rubber surround to absorb any minor shock from use. The unit does not require any batteries to operate. All you need to do is plug scanner into your car’s OBD2 (DLC) port and it will power up using the car’s battery. You can then start the vehicle to read any trouble codes or pending codes. If there are trouble codes, you can use this tool to erase the code. Of course you should fix the issue or else the code will return.


The Foxwell OBD2 code reader has red-yellow-green LEDs, along with a built-in speaker, to help read the emissions’ monitor status which will help get your vehicle ready for your car’s emissions test. The device also helps you catch any intermittent problems with your vehicle and confirm repairs during a drive cycle. Not many OBD2 devices offer this feature.
The code reader has an automatic VIN acquisition and decoding capability to make it easier for you to read the manufacturer’s specific codes and enhance mode $06 data. You can also easily read freeze frame data, clear codes and reset monitors.

The Foxwell NT301 is an advanced engine fault sensor it will not read faults from other parts of your car, if you have warning lights for ABS or airbags, this will not be able to see them nor remove the warnings. This is stated in the product description and we thought best to highlight this. We didn’t have an ABS or airbag warning so didn’t need to test for this.

What this is perfect for is checking how your engine is running, we have a little bit of crud in the top of our engine where we add new oil, this is due to the previous owner only doing short distances and we wanted to see if anything would come up and nothing has, which is great. We’ve since changed oil filter, oil and do nothing but big miles in our little car now.

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Foxwell NT301 Pros and Cons

Pros of Foxwell NT301

  • Great looking device which will show you all your engine fault codes.
  • Can clear engine fault codes using this diagnostic tool.

Cons of Foxwell NT301

  • Doesn’t show and cant cancel error codes for everything, only engine faults
  • A lot of buttons which it may not need, some others are a lot simpler to use and do just as much
  • Instructions are poor, don’t really instruct, only show you what you’re already looking at it.

Foxwell NT301 Features

One main key feature of the Foxwell NT301 OBD2 code reader is its emission reading capabilities. Today, when you go to have your car inspected, one of the key tests the mechanic will run is on your car’s emissions. They do this by hooking the vehicle up to an OBD2 service device to read codes—reading emissions is not something done anymore.

Foxwell NT301 OBD2 makes it very easy for you to test your emissions system—before you go in for the test—to see if you will pass or fail the inspection. It will also alert you of any problems, so you know what you need to do to have your car serviced prior to getting inspected.


Another nice feature of the Foxwell NT301 is the DTCs Lookup tab on the OBD2 device main screen. With many OBD2 devices, you can get a read-out of codes—but not necessarily what the codes mean. Foxwell NT301 OBD2 offers a DTCs Lookup that allows you to put in the code you get after a vehicle test, and learn what it means. For instance, if one of your car’s sensors was malfunctioning, you would receive a code. Going to the DTC lookup, you put in the code, and the reader tells you which sensor is malfunctioning. You can then fix the part yourself, if you’re handy, or bring your car to a mechanic or a friend who can do the work for a favor, or at least a lower price. (For some, this feature alone helps pay for the Foxwell NT301 Code Reader.)

Besides the OBD2 Code Reader, you get a disk with the software that downloads your OBD2 Code Reader data, and keeps your reader updated on the latest codes. We downloaded the software and then connected our Foxwell OBD2 device using the USB cord which comes in the box. This is a nice feature, especially for the car enthusiasts who want to stay on top of their vehicle’s health. If you do use this feature, I would recommend deleting the last reports on your Code Reader after you download them to the computer.


The Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner is a valuable tool for today’s car enthusiast. It keeps you informed of your vehicle’s health, is easy to use, and helps monitor your vehicle’s emissions. The Foxwell NT301 also provides a tremendous amount of data on your car when compared to other OBD2 Code Readers or scanners, which you can easily manage through the desktop tool.

However, the Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Code Reader might be intimidating to consumers who are not comfortable around cars, or intimated by working on an engine. To use the device successfully, you so need to get comfortable with reading and understanding the codes your OBD2 device generates.