Free download V11.30.137 TOYOTA OTC 2 for all Toyota and Lexus Diagnose and Programming

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Customer who bought V11.30.137 TOYOTA OTC 2 for all Toyota and Lexus Diagnose and Programming, but don’t know where to download the software.

You can download the software here:

V11.30.137 toyota software:
TOYOTA OTC 2 supports language:

Spanish, English, German, Italian,  French (Canadian), Spanish (Mexico), Japanese, chinese
TOYOTA OTC 2 Feature:
1. GTS is based-on-Windows software and specially designed for Toyota and Lexus.
2. VIM is connected to the vehicle when the technician use GTS to diagnose.
3. Legacy module can work with all DLC3 (OBDII) port from 1993
4. Own all the function of ITII except Oscilloscope and voltmeters function.
5. User-friendly graphical User Interface displays the trouble codes on the PC monitor, it is easy to understand.
6. Its memory is larger than that of “ITII”.
Package Include:
1pc x TOYOTA OTC 2 vehicle communication module
1pc x OBD-16 Cable
1pc x USB 2.0 Cable
1pc x One Box