Galletto V54 Windows 10 64bit: How to update FGTech fw 0386 to 0475

ECU Chip Tunning

I succeeded to run FG tech Galletto (ONLY 0475 FW) on Windows 10 64bit..

fgtech-4-0475  If Says:

Windows Vista or above detected, making a second patch

then nothing

Right click on fgtech icon dann properties denn compatibility and change program compatibility Windows 7 or Windows 8
Works fine on my Lenovo laptop

and don’t forget working only on FG tech Galletto 0475 fw

This is how to update 0386 to 0475 for FGTech 4

1.For tool number 0386: ept file,fix file,hex dump and 2 versions of programs V54 used for it, the one from china and the AES November software.

2.For tool number 0475: ept file,fix file, hex dumps made from my tool and program V54 for it that does not need time back.

3.For both tools you have here how to connect to it, how to read firmware movie, how to write dump that you wish.

Reading and writing the mcu for this tool can be done with old Philips LPC 2000 software and USB-TTL adapter, preferd the one that uses PL2303 chipset. You need also a jumper in position to do that.
If you want to check CRP level of your NXP LPC2119 mcu you can do that with FlashMagic and USB-TTL adapter.


Download link:!9oRj2T6L!uPLJ7AhbS2phDvrfrXgFwA

Password: fantomelfree4galletto