Good feedback of Autel IM608, Obdstar Dp+, Lonsdor K518

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This article collected user’s review of Autel IM608, Obdstar Dp +, Lonsdor K518.

Which one do you think is the best?

The IM608 cost like $3200 for simple diagnostic and key programming, while Obdstar DP+ like $1100 and $1600 if with diagnostic and key programming with free update 1 year, Lonsdor is $1200 with $600 yearly update.

So next we share some users’ review with you.

First impression , obdstar was leader in key programmer , im608 trying to copy with price very high and they stop devices when they want without any warning, look like IM608 is seeking only the rich people with such a high level lifestyle.

I own the Im608. I purchased it because I wanted to do more key programming. My first vehicle I used it on, was a 2015 Fiat 500 NEC MCU in BCM. I could not find PIN in NEC, I was able to read with VVDI prog. So I purchased the Autel IM608, it was able to read pin no problem. Went to precode the transponder (Dealer key would have worked no problem but I was using aftermarket) and the IM608 would not get the needed information from IMMO (said Failed, Locked BCM, had to disconnect battery to regain communication)

So I called Autel support (China) I tried Autel USA but they did not seem too knowledgeable. Autel support china within minutes could see the error on their server, they sent me Beta software for IMMO_FIAT to attempt and solve the problem. It worked perfectly.

All other vehicles I have tried have gone well, I was curious about Incode/outcode in newer fords. It programmed a key on 2018 Ford transit no problem, did not ask for any pins or incode/outcode.

I only purchased the Autel because I have their Maxisys Elite and ADAS frame and I am very happy with their tools. I have never used a Lonsdor or OBDStar so I cannot comment on their performance.

One big bonus to the IM608 is you also get SCN Coding, VW online coding ect. I use the xp400 to clone modules all the time, VVDI prog used to be my “go to” but now Xp400 is.

Is it a rookie tool? Nope, if you’re a rookie you’ll probably be frustrated. But if you have basic EEPROM and MCU skills / Locksmith skills id highly recommend it.

I have obdstar x300 dp , with rfid and eprom adapters, I’m really happy with it , never had any problem.

I have Lonsdor and it works good with all newer Fords. Even with all keys lost. I have done 2018 Explorer, 2017 Expedition, 2015 F150, etc. It works good with Maserati key programming as well. Land Rover has good coverage. I’ve done BMW FEM/BDC All keys lost.

That’s too many reviews on the above 3 universal key programmers that I can’t list them all.

In general.

Each key programmer has their limitation, you may need them all, or one is enough. It depends on your budget and needs.