Guide to install VVDI2 software+ driver+ BMW database+ update firmware

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This post introduce how to install Xhorse VVDI2 software, driver, BMW database and update firmware.

Here you go.


  1. Download the newest software version: version 6.6.6
  2. Run the application, choose US region to install
  3. Click “next”to continue
  4. Installation progress

  1. Run vvdi2 quick start tool icon

  1. Vvdi2 BMW software display it needs install V1.0.0 BMW database, download the BMW database

  1. BMW database file installation progress

  1. Test BMW software again, it is ok now

  1. Update Firmware, click “update kit software”

  1. Choose vvdi2, then click ”find device”

  1. Driver install not ok, click yes to install driver again

  1. Choose vvdi 2

  1. Restart computer.  After restart computer, check again in update kit software

  1. It is ok now, can display software version and SN. Click upgrade

  1. Upgrade process, it will take several time , please wait

  1. Upgrade success