Has anyone bought a Tech II with success?

car diagnostic tool

Looking for a Tech II of good quality and confirmed working no issue… anyone recently bought a Tech II with success?


I ordered a Tech 2 from AliExpress last week and received it a couple of days ago. The price was $327 with the black case, then the vendor contacted me and said that the case wasn’t included. So I ordered it anyway. When it arrived I started doing some self tests on it and it appears to be working. In the next couple of days I’ll hook it up to a couple of cars. I have a couple of GM cars, plus my daughters 2002 9-3 that I work on too. I’ll have to get up to date on the Saab interfaces fairly soon though.


I ordered Tech 2 from chinacardiags.com on Feb. 4th, received it Feb 9th. It shipped from China via DHL. I did have to sign for it, but fortunately it didn’t show up until 7 PM and I was home. I usually hate when things are delivered that late, but I might not have been around earlier to sign for it, and I would have had to wait.
The tis2000 disk that came with it was cracked, but fortunately we have this software available for download on this forum. I was able to get security access and program my CIM in my 2005 9-3.

The Tech 2 works well, it’s been able to do everything I’ve needed it to do, including programming the CIM and reading/clearing DTCs.
I paid around $271 I think, there was a discount code available.

Link: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesa…l-package.html


Just ordered mine from chinacardiags….hopefully it arrives soon



Purchased from chinacardiags, Saab eng card, arrived Monday, and performed following so far:
-ECM added
-DSL turned off with fog adjusted accordingly
-honk confirmation with fob (thinking of turning it back off)
-AUX enabled
Will be adding fob soon after exchanging defective remote from eEuroparts, among others.
Again, FINALLY! My 9-3 is back on the road after 2yrs of RIP…! Thanks all!!!