Has anyone tried the TECH II Clone on Hummer H2?

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I’ve got one and it works perfect on my 08

A few of us have them….. works great! Can also get to things like the rear air ride (if yours has that) which no other tool can deal with.

That being said I’ve seen on other forums where some people have major issues with their clones. Best I can say is I got mine from http://www.chinacardiags.com and it works perfect.

It will come in handy sometimes. Now figuring out how to use all of the functionality will take a bit too. You can pretty much get right into diagnostics and whatnot pretty easy though. Programming takes a bit more as you will need to either install TIS2000 or pay for a short subscription to the ACDelco TIS system. TIS2000 is a pretty old program but does still have updates and whatnot for some things in our H2’s. The tricky bit is it runs on Windows XP. There is tons of info online about ways of getting that software installed and working though. The Tech2 will also come in handy for other GM vehicles as well and can give you a lot more info that most any other scan tool.

I’m pretty sure this one…. Vetronix GM Tech2 with Case for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU with Candi Module Tech2 That is the same one I got a couple of years ago.

Note – The TIS2000 and USB key is only needed if you want to update the software on some of the computer modules (which can fix minor issues with the updates) but you will need an older PC with Windows XP (can also work on Windows 7 though) and a serial port to use the TIS2000 software.