How much should I pay for Lonsdor K518ISE software update

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For you guys with Lonsdor K518ISE key programmers, you have to know:

There are some changes of K518ISE software update.

1- Updates will no longer remain for free, a payable subscription fee will be implemented within the next 3 months from today. But the cost details not disclosed yet
2- No more vehicles brand Logos display, due to legal intellectual copyright issues.

Meanwhile enjoy the free 3 months as of now, what’s new?
All details in the link below


A bit explanation here help you understand K518ise update…

  1. Each device can apply for only one time, once Trial Apply selected, counting will start and will last for 90 days, then the “Trial apply” button will disappear from the menu.
  2. Functions with a blue clock will be for free for 3 months, after trial activation, once expired customer will need to subscribe ( Pay ) to use.
  3. All functions updated this time will remain for free for ever.
  4. Alphabetical models search + lots of car models have Help reference.
    Vehicle models with red mark as shown below, userscan scan QR code to get detail operation reference via scanning it’s relevant QR code with your phone to get detailed operation instruction during programming.

Question & Answer;

Q: Those marked with “red” in pdf are new models in this update?
or just payable functions in 3 mon?


A: Good question, not necessarily, the payable functions are marked with a $ sign top right of their buttons as in the attached screen shot


NO WORRIES! There is a small part of functions need to be paid.

MOST K518ise software remains FREE to update!

Lonsdor K518 tech support: