How to activate SDconnect C4/C4+/C5 Xentry DAS EPC WIS (11.2019)

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SDconnect C4/C4+/C5 Xentry DAS EPC WIS activation instruction:

The instruction can be used for:

SD connect C4

SDconnect C4 Plus

SD connect C5 (sp255 series)

The activation incl.:

  1. Xentry
  2. DAS
  3. EPC/WIS

in detail…

  1. Xentry activation

Run ConfigAssist(config. file)


Select SDconnect, then Configure, then Continue, Continue

2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-2 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-3 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-4 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-5

Check the Lan/HW id and application id

Set up the start date and expiration date

GENERATE activation code

Select Manual


Save the activation code

2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-7 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-8 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-9 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-10 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-11

Close ConfigAssist

Xentry activation is done!

  1. DASactivation

Run GetHardwareID to get id

Copy id and send it to us

Contact use:

Email:  (Preferred, check almost every day)                              

Phone:  +86 18223445829

 Skype:  ChinaCarDiag
Whatsapp:  +8618223445829


After DAS activation is done by, you will get the license and then run license



  1. EPC & WISactivation


Note: for the lasest version 09.201, you have go to EPC/WIS in this way;that is there is no shortcut on the Desktop


User: admin

Password: 12345

IMPORTANT: if you change the password yourself, you must remember it since you have to get a new disk with WIS/EPC copied when you forget the password



Select Server, then Edit the access authorization


Check the Lan/HW ID

Set up an expiration date

Enter users: 3

GENERATE the activation code

Copy EPC and WIS startkey

Save data


Go to Programs and check data and then save data

2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-18 2019-xentry-das-epc-wis-activation-19

Now, you can have EPC and WIS/ASRA activated for use.

Note: This instruction is only used for:

09.2019 Xentry/DAS EPC/WIS in a SSD disk

09.2019 Xentry/DAS EPC/WIS in a HDD disk