How to activate SDconnect C4/C4+/C5 Xentry DAS EPC WIS (11.2019)

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SDconnect C4/C4+/C5 Xentry DAS EPC WIS activation instruction:

The instruction can be used for:

SD connect C4

SDconnect C4 Plus

SD connect C5 (sp255 series)

The activation incl.:

  1. Xentry
  2. DAS
  3. EPC/WIS

in detail…

  1. Xentry activation

Run ConfigAssist(config. file)

Select SDconnect, then Configure, then Continue, Continue

Check the Lan/HW id and application id

Set up the start date and expiration date

GENERATE activation code

Select Manual

Save the activation code

Close ConfigAssist

Xentry activation is done!

  1. DASactivation

Run GetHardwareID to get id

Copy id and send it to us

Contact use:

Email:  (Preferred, check almost every day)                              

Phone:  +86 18223445829

 Skype:  ChinaCarDiag
Whatsapp:  +8618223445829

After DAS activation is done by, you will get the license and then run license


  1. EPC & WISactivation


Note: for the lasest version 09.201, you have go to EPC/WIS in this way;that is there is no shortcut on the Desktop

User: admin

Password: 12345

IMPORTANT: if you change the password yourself, you must remember it since you have to get a new disk with WIS/EPC copied when you forget the password


Select Server, then Edit the access authorization

Check the Lan/HW ID

Set up an expiration date

Enter users: 3

GENERATE the activation code

Copy EPC and WIS startkey

Save data

Go to Programs and check data and then save data

Now, you can have EPC and WIS/ASRA activated for use.

Note: This instruction is only used for:

09.2019 Xentry/DAS EPC/WIS in a SSD disk

09.2019 Xentry/DAS EPC/WIS in a HDD disk