How to Change Bios to ACHI for DoIP MB SD C4 2021.3 SSD?

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I ordered a V2021.3 DOIP MB SD C4 PLUS with software and was able to use this hard drive for 2 hours then it crashes. I was told me to change Bios to ACHI . That did nothing.


engineer replied:

Please refer to the following operation steps to fix your system.

First, start your PC and press the power button while it tries to load the windows to force it to shut down, do this three times in a row to get the automatic repair screen.

You could also disconnect it from the outlet, click on advanced options.



Click on troubleshoot.



Click on advanced options.



Click on command prompt.


Type in your password, and if you don’t have one just press continue.



Now type BOOTREC / FIXMBR and then press enter.

Type BOOTREC / FIXBOOT and then press enter.

If you get access denied, type the following command and then try again.

Type: BOOTREC / FIXBOOT and then press enter.

Type: BCDEDIT /EXPORT C:\ BCDBACKUP and then press enter.

Type: ATTRIB C:\BOOT\BCD -H -R -S and then press enter.

Type: REN C:\BOOT\BCD BCD.OLD and then press enter.

Type: BOOTREC / REBUILDBCD and then press enter..

Type: Y and then press enter.

Type Exit and then press enter

change-bios-to-achi-08_副本 change-bios-to-achi-07

Press continue to restart.


Using tips:

Alright, if not lucky to repair by following the above method, you can find a USB flash drive to make the system boot, if you have a USB flash drive, contact at engineer who can make a USB flash drive for you remotely by teamviewer, then you follow the above operation to repair your system.

After I make a USB flash drive for you, you can insert the USB flash drive into the computer that cannot start, and then enter the PE system to repair it.

Alright, this is how to repair the windows system for DOIP MB SD C4 PLUS with SSD software 2021.3.