How to choose nexiq nexiq-2 usb link truck diagnostic tool in

heavy duty truck
There are many similar nexiq usb link truck diagnostic tools in, which one to choose? what are the difference? here we will show you.
Our nexiq usb link Comparison:
Item NO. name Weight Bluetoth  case packing  Hot Selling
SH27 Nexiq 1.7 no yes ★★★★★
SH27-B Nexiq 1.7 no carton ★★★★★
SH27-W Nexiq 2.3 Yes Yes ★★★★★
SH72 NEXIQ-2 1.5 yes carton ★★★★★
SH72-B NEXIQ-2 1.5 no carton ★★★★
SH27-E VXTRUCKS (Red) 2.7 Yes Yes ★★★
SH27-E2 VXTRUCKS(Blue)  2.7 yes carton ★★★
All of nexiq are same functions,they are just from different factory.
sh27, sh27-b, sh27-w are the same,just the package case is different,and sh27 is with case packing, sh27-b is with bluetooth, only sh27-w with both bluetooth and case,
sh72 and sh72-b are the same factory,the bluetooth is different,one is with plastic case,one not.
sh27-w and sh27-e2 are the same facture, and only color is different.