How to configure DTS Monaco with VAS 5054A

car diagnostic tool

It is possible to configure DTS Monaco to work with VAS5054A in mvci mode with smr-d files. All you need to set correct setting in configurator.
First possibility to set any edic d pdu api from Odis , for example 1_20_37,1_20_34, etc.
Second to configure as J2534.
Works through usb and bluetooth.
Tested with GLC, med40 on different cars.
DTS-Monaco-Vas5054-1 DTS-Monaco-Vas5054-2 DTS-Monaco-Vas5054-3 vas5054a-xentry-windows-10-1 vas5054a-xentry-windows-10-2
Thanks to @koliamihaylow and @MilenaG


PT driver

For edic pdu!fhQDxDjY!dath2cXRz0IsZ7-IhAXvFTKuXBZX3-TeX5hWSZ52qRQ 


You’re advised to use DTS with sd connect c4

and use odis with VAS5054A