How to copy Suzuki ID46 chip with KD-X2 KEYDIY key tool

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Is KEYDIY machine possible to copy ID46 chip for my Suzuki?

Yep. Look here. Its the KEYDIY KD-X2 test on ID47 chip from Suzuki.

Run KEY DIY app

Bluetooth setting:

Connect the KEYDIY to app with Bluetooth

Chip function:

Put the transponder in the coil

Detect the transponder:

46 chip

ID: A921E218

Encryption mode Manchester

Locked 7936

Can be copied

Put the acquisition antenna near to the ignition coil, turn on the ignition switch with the otiginal key, start collecting car ignition signal…

Put the original key back to the coil

Decrypted successfully, please put in KD NB remote or other 46 chip that can be copied (please connect well the NB remote while use wired copy), then press copy button


Suzuki ID46 chip is copied successfully

Job’s done!

Have fun with KD-X2 KEYDIY remote maker